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Speedy Jim's some useful information on 6v to 12v, gas heaters, testing generators, fuel gauge. etc.
Vintage Bus wiring diagrams
NGK Spark plugs the "secret code" to those NGK spark plug part numbers
The Bug Shop Interesting to buy/sell a bug, working with rust, etc.
VW Zen Seeker everything about the VW fan belt......building a Baja Bug?
Drag Times 1/4 & 1/8 mile VW  racer submitted drag racing time slips and dyno results
Ghia Girl
Air Head Parts parts, many tech articles - mostly for the novice, but....
Parts Geek Brief history of VW bug

(Link recommended by James Altman)

Rob and Dave's Aircooled  list of changes made through the years on VW
Old Bug vintage VW for sale, home of the VW freak show






                                                       FORUMS, FRIENDS and OTHER INTERESTING PLACES

Cal-Look Lounge forum The seventies are alive and thriving in Europe. The Cal-Look is huge!
Cal-Look forum American forum dedicated to the VW Cal-Look

(was moved to Face Book)

The Samba forum Besides a great source of information, The Samba is a great place to find that hard to find part for your VW.
Hot Rodder's Forum Lots and lots of good general hot rod information
Speed & Kustom Forum Hot Rod Magazine has a growing VW forum 
KaleCoAuto For those hard to find Johnson Rod, Kuhneutson Valve, Muffler Bearing, Flux Capacitor, etc.
Brackett Racing Interesting stuff from the fertile and sometimes misguided mind of Dave Brackett.  VW drag bike......
Bradford's AA/Fuel Altered Randy Bradford's remake of the AA/Fuel Altered he and his dad raced 40 years ago.


                                                                                           VW CAR CLUBS

The legendary DRA VW car club An elite VW car club from the seventies - having high membership standards like DKP. Membership was by invitation only.
Der Kleiner Panzers VW car club The VW car club that created the Cal-Look and one of the oldest VW enthusiast clubs
Cascade Kombis Vintage VW Club Seattle area chapter of the VVWCA that organizes the Annual Vintage VW Weekend. 
Northwest VW Club Founded in 1968, it's the oldest VW club in Washington state.



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