My '61 Bug And A Corvair Are Married



A Corvair motor replaced my VW motor. I had someone make the deck lid from fiberglass.  The area behind the license plate is a screen.
Later, a commercial deck lid was available. Phil's Muffler made me a wild header system that had "cut outs" that dumped out the back and then each side had 2 glass pack mufflers that went forward over the axle and ended with dual flared tips just before the rear tires. Here you can barely see the tips.
I used a Crown adapter plate and reversed the ring gear (Corvair turns the opposite direction to VW).

You can almost see the exhaust cutouts (just below ant to the left of the bumper slot). The dual flared tips are there too (just in front of the rear wheels.

I was at a car show and saw a custom VW with the rear side windows filled in and decided that I wanted to try that.

Racing at Carlsbad Raceway (DKP drag day). With a stock Porsche transmission that had way too tall gears, it was turning 14.80. It sure sounded mean ....just needed shorter gears. I had a front hood with a small "scoop" that housed 3 gauges.
I didn't even know the car was in a magazine until someone posted this picture recently.